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 Everyone’s credit situation is different. What works for one person may not work for another. By enrolling into our program, we will first review your credit reports and create a Personalized Credit Score Improvement Plan that will point you in the right direction to improve your credit situation. 

The key to a successful plan is to listen to our advice, take the right action, have patience and stay engaged with the process. We will also challenge qualified negative accounts (for you) with the credit reporting agencies. It is possible that the reporting agency could remove the accounts in question. If so, this can help grow your scores with active credit building trade lines.

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What We Remove

Collection Accounts

When an account becomes seriously past due, the creditor may decide to turn the account over to an internal collection department or to sell the debt to a collection agency.

Late Payments

Late payments typically are the most common type of damaging data. Typically recorded when you become 30 days past due. If you close an account with any negative info will stay on your credit report for 7 years from your original delinquency date.

All Non Account Holding Inquires

When a lender or company requests to review your credit report as a request as a part of the loan application process. The request is recorded on your credit report as a hard inquiry / hard pull.

Charge Offs

A charge-off is a debt that a creditor has given up trying to collect on after you’ve missed payments for several months.


Where you declare yourself unable to pay your debts.

Repos, foreclosures & More!

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Printers Financial Consulting LLC  is empowering communities through financial literacy.  Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills including personal financial management, budgeting, insurances, and investing, It's the foundation of our relationships with money and it is a lifelong journey of learning, It's a subject that's powerful and needs to be taught yet so many lack knowledge of, especially when it comes to credit. By using financial literacy to promote your financial wellness, you will have the ability to live a healthy financial life. You'll have the power to take control of your financial wellness from now and into the future.  This will empower you to have the financial skills to improve your credit profile, manage debts efficiently, and actively save for the future. Without the proper financial knowledge you can end up paying thousands of dollars on high interest rates which makes it harder to keep up with debts and to save adequately. The first step in improving your financial health is improving your credit score.

Many life decisions revolve around your credit score, it's the most measurable factor in your financial health. Credit determines your approvals, denials, and interest rates when taking out a mortgage or car loan, opening a credit card, personal loans, or even getting certain jobs, Bad credit can cause you to pay higher interest rates which can further push you in debt so  it's important to build a good credit score. Lenders use your credit scores to determine your creditworthiness.  Since your credit score influences so many major life decisions, it is essential to build credit early and consistently.  You can improve in any number of ways including opening a credit card, paying bills on-time with different credit building cards, and receiving credit for monthly rent payments. Knowing why credit is so important and learning the proper utilization can help motivate you to work on ways to build an excellent credit score.  

At Printers Financial Consulting LLC, we are passionate about finding ways to effectively promote your financial wellness. Financial literacy is a huge factor in all our services. It helps our clients understand  the power of credit and helps them maintain a great credit score after our program. Learning how to use various financial skills and understanding how your credit score is calculated will make it easier to improve your credit health. Along with financial education, 1-1 progress assessments.................

Remember bad credit doesn't last forever! You have the power to improve your credit profile with a great credit repair program............Printers Financial Consulting LLC!!   Book your detailed credit analysis TODAY and take your buying power back!


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Our credit repair program  has transformed 1000+ clients to obtain their home ownership  goals!

We have empowered clients to reach their goals with financial education, credit and financial tips, credit repair, positive credit-building trade lines,debt management skills, and savings goals.  We have a specialized program to help you reduce debt,  improve your credit worthiness, and guide you towards homeownership. We will also discuss the pros and cons to obtaining a mortgage and being a homeowner. Start working towards your new home today!



Work on your own terms and run your own business with training and technology backed by an established company. Work from home, no experience needed but all training given.  We'll make sure you are compliant within your state laws. You must be coachable, willing to learn, and hungry for success. 

The information and tools you need to create a bright financial future will be with you from the start of your career. With a focus on consumer education and providing a personalized unique experience, we strive to eliminate the burden of financial uncertainty that creates a plan of action and peace of mind for the future. Ask how you can get started!

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Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. We constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.


We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to find the product or service that perfectly suits your needs, which is why we offer a detailed credit analysis to help you make a personalized plan to meet your goals.. A detailed credit analysis is a look at what your future score could be when you complete the recommendations that we provide after carefully analyzing your credit reports.


Credit Repair Service

According to the Fair  Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), any erroneous, inaccurate, or unverified accounts must be removed from your credit report. Ar Printers Financial Consulting LLC, we will send disputes to get these items removed.  Any other outstanding debts , we'll help you make alternate arrangements with those creditors. All our clients get their own customized online client portal to track progress throughout the process plus 1-1 progress check'ins. We are big on Financial Literacy so we will educate our clients on the proper utilization of credit,  credit building trade lines and how to pay down other debts while going through our program. If you are ready to start our credit repair program,  SIGN UP NOW!

Credit building using rent payments

Printers Financial Consulting is now offering a credit building  trade line, that reports to all 3 credit bureaus, by reporting your rental payment history. We never report late or missed payments, only your on-time payments are used. 




Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft insurance may cover the cost of repairing your identity if you become a victim of fraud, Repairing the damage that identity theft causes costs can be expensive Learning how to protect your credit can help you avoid being blindsided especially since millions of Americans fall victim yearly. For less than  $30 a month you can protect yourself against identity theft, monitor your credit, pull your reports frequently. 


Money and Debt Manager 

Manage your money, debt, credit cards, loans, investments, even your mortgage in one app! It allows you to keep tabs on your finances,  control excessive spending, and  makes budgeting so much easier. It is also a powerful credit building trade line!. Available to every client that signs up ! It's so important to know where your money is going , what areas you can save in, and where there is room for improvement. 

We also have other credit building options available.  



Gig Funding and Business Capital

A primary reason small businesses fail is a lack of funding or working capital. In most instances, a business owner is intimately aware of how much money is needed to keep operations running on a day to day basis, including funding payroll, paying fixed and variable overhead expenses, etc   But getting the funding you need as a new business owner from traditional banks is nearly impossible. I have access to a company that will help you get the capital you need.  Contact us for more information.

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